In first place why does Android Application Development (AAD) need a business model? Any answers?

We all know that development field is a bit complicated; changing client needs make the situation worse for development companies. Sometimes clients know exactly what they want and sometimes they evolve to ask for more based on their research and business suitability. Often it becomes difficult to offer what the client wants under an existing business model. Hence we thought of coming up with business models.

Over the years we have researched our client experiences to know all the possibilities that can occur before the project is actually completed and handed over to the client. Based on these we have classified our business models into 3 different types as below to accommodate all our clients who think differently at different times:

Fixed Price Estimate:

Kindly understand no project can have a fixed price and so we work on estimates and assure clients that we will not exceed the maximum limit quoted. Fixed price estimate model is the best suited for clients who have their requirements predefined which are less likely to change during the Android application development process. Here we analyze the project requirements beforehand and quote the maximum price limit accordingly. Once all things are finalized, our Android development team starts work on the project almost immediately.

As we Develop:

We have come across clients with only a vague idea of what type of application they would need and nothing more. It is as we research for them and suggest different things that they rethink their Android application requirement and give their nod to include those features in the application. Time and material model is best suitable for projects where there are greater chances of variations. How do we price such projects? Cost for these varying projects is decided at the end of the completion considering the time and materials put in to finish the project.

Assistance Model:

Here we work as an extension to client’s existing Android development facility. Dedicated development center model has been specifically designed to accommodate people who need help with their project. Client can select Android developer from our team to create their own remote team of Android developers working at our center to help them out. Biggest benefit of this model is that clients get to select the people and request a change anytime during the process without worrying about the overhead and administrative charges.

Are we being disparate to our clients? No, all our clients are equal to us and in no way do we intend to disparate them for their project needs. Devising different business models is just an effort made to simplify things on both the sides us and our clients.

Be optimistic, go through the business models and select the best.