Android Social Network Application Development – Why Companies Need One

Android Social Network Application Development

Social Networking, though only two words greatly impact everyone – business or no business, and so is the need for social network application development, which can be used by companies to leverage the platform to reach their target audiences. Why Android social network application development? Answer is simple, because most of the hand held devices today come pre installed with Android, mobile operating software. To leverage the social networking pulpit fur business it is thus important to have social networking applications for Android also.

Android Social Network Application Development at AAD – What We Do?

Social networking sites offer lot of features which can be leveraged to a company’s benefit, while doing so many companies face technical issues, here it is where AAD’s Android social network application development services can be used. Having specialized in both application development and Android our Android developers have learnt the hard way how their platform expertise can be clubbed with application development for social networking sites. Their hard earned expertise thus promises the desired results.

So far we have created business social media applications to make it easier for companies to reach their customer base as well as fun applications which promise greater fun when played together. Some of our Android social network application development categories include:

  • Utility
  • Gifting
  • SMS alerts
  • User Directory
  • Newsletters
  • Blogging / Scraping
  • Instant Messenger
  • GPS applications
  • Video Conferencing
  • Community Chat
  • Polls /Surveys
  • Social Games
  • Discussion Forums
  • Activity Reporting
  • Content Management (CMS)
  • File/Audio/Video Sharing
  • User Role Administration
  • Photo Sharing, Ratings
  • Calendars/To Do List
  • RSS – Content Syndication
  • Photo Editing and Commenting
  • User Registration / Administration
  • Customizable Users Homepages / Personal Profiles
  • Presence Awareness (who’s online lists)

Our specialization also includes customization, as with any other software we can easily customize social media applications to match with the latest demands and we can do it for any platform be it, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and the likes.

More Reasons to Select AAD (AAD) for Android Social Network Application Development:

Besides our skill set and ability to develop various social applications for the platform, here are a few more benefits, clients should look forward to when working with us:

  • High quality guarantee
  • Effective 2D/3D designing
  • In depth visualization of application’s potential and use
  • Unique concepts for company’s branding and promotion
  • Development using any version of Android and other tools