Worldwide End-to-End Android Solution Provider – Android Application Development (AAD)

Our name Android Application Development (AAD) aptly suggests what we are up to. There is no doubt that Android as a development pulpit offers immense possibilities and we at AAD work with the sole objective of exploring and exploiting the platform to create the unthinkable every time a new Android development project comes our way. We believe in changing the existing trends rather than following them to suit our client’s requirements.

Android as a whole offers AAD the power to create innovative and technological miracles that make mobile communication a lot more intuitive for all 3G/VoIP enabled devices like smartphones, handsets, PDAs, netbooks, tablet PCs, Personal Media Players (PMPs), Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), Digital Picture Frames (DPFs) and other devices which support internet, screen and camera.

Our specialization lies in Android, there is lot we can do using it to our client’s benefit. While ADD welcomes all its clients with their project specific requirements, here is a glimpse into some of the Android development services that we offer:

Android Application Development the Android Style

Over the years our Android developers have been able to gain sound knowledge of the platform and brilliantly leverage it into our Android application development projects. They are so smart that they have already started working using the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich for internal projects. Here is what is included in our Android application development the Android style package:

  • Remote device management
  • Porting OpenGL open source games
  • Multimedia framework customization
  • GPS enhanced or location based applications
  • Integration, customization and porting of third party applications

Android Application Development for Mobile Devices makes it Mobile Application Development

We are moving into the mobile world, its not only related to work but to our day to day life also, there are advance mobile devices to help us out even with our routine tasks, and that is all possible only because of amazing mobile applications floating on the market. A brilliant idea when converted into an application has the ability to make things easier, simple and become an overnight success for the people. Android being used in mobile devices, gives us the opportunity to utilize our resources to develop outstanding Android mobile applications for our clients. Here is our range of Android application development services for mobile devices which makes it mobile application development:

  • Web browser
  • Multimedia applications
  • Enterprise connectivity solutions
  • Rich UI based applications
  • Intuitive games interactive software
  • GPS enabled location based solutions

Android Testing Solution for Accurate Product Delivery

Importance of testing cannot be emphasized more, it has been often found that even a small unsolved or unnoticed bug can create havoc into systems. Our Android application testing process has been embedded with our development process we test them at each stage through our System level (O.S) testing, Application testing, BSP and Device driver testing and Middle ware / Stack testing models. With our core focus on quality and testing we can make for a wonderful testing partner, while our clients focus on their core Android development activities. Our clients benefit as their operation costs remain low, the product is ready to market in a short time and that our services have a very short turnaround time.

Below are the different aspects we stress during the testing process:

  • Code testing
  • GUI interface
  • Functional testing
  • Unit and API testing
  • Branch and Breadth testing
  • Integration and interface
  • Acceptability and Accessibility
  • Backward compatibility check
  • Applications error handling capability
  • Compatibility, component and configuration

Android Game Development is where our Multimedia Expertise Combine Aptly with the Development Platform

At AAD we specialize in giving life to client game fantasies using our 2D or 3D animation, graphics, story telling, designing and development expertise. We also have an upper hand in providing consultancy for game development to analyze what will work and succeed on the Android Market. There is no skepticism that the games we develop are high on performance and quality. Our games can display a wonderful combination of all the platforms as below:

  • GPRS
  • Wi-Fi
  • Infrared
  • Bluetooth
  • 3G
  • AI
  • MMS
  • Wireless LAN

We posses the ability to develop any type of game starting from adventure, racing, sports, flash, kids, cooking, 2D/3D, action, puzzle, multiplayer, cartoon to funny games using Android capabilities like:

  • OpenGL ES 1.0 specifications for 3D animation
  • Custom 2D graphics library for graphic optimization
  • CPS, Compass and accelerometer
  • Reusable and replaceable components
  • H.264, AAC, MPEG4, PNG, MP3, JPG, AMR, GIF support for video, audio and still image format Android game development

Android Application Upgrade and Maintenance

Technology keeps evolving throughout its life; Android itself has evolved through 10 different versions. This makes it important for Android application developers to provide application upgrade and maintenance services. No one can understand this better than us as we have got a special corner in our Android services section, where we make sure to provide Android application upgrade and maintenance service as well. Here are a few things we will do under our Android application upgrade and maintenance package:

  • Feature enhancements
  • Bug finding and fixing
  • Support and maintenance
  • Legacy system management
  • Code review and modification
  • Application lifecycle enhancements
  • Upgrade to the latest version (if needed)

Android Application Distribution Everywhere the Client Needs

Developing an astonishing application and game is one part of the process; it is of no use if it does not reach its desired users. Through our Android application distribution services we help our clients distribute their application or game to the desired users. It is a long process and one has to be extremely careful while doing this. Our distribution experts have done this so many times, that there are hardly any chances of error while we do the distribution.

With all these Android development services we assure that we can cater to any Android related needs, and will always be there with our clients through thick and thin.

Bring in the Proposal to AAD for:

  • Application lifecycle enhancements
  • Each client has its own importance to us
  • Extensive Android development experience
  • Exhaustive development and testing process
  • Promise to deliver ready to use finished products
  • Same application or game can be developed for other platforms